First Two Weeks: A Photojournal

With our classrooms being almost dead center in London, it’s easy to get lost on purpose and run into something new every day. These are a few pictures that I think gives an idea of the breadth of experiences that you can have in an hour-long walk.

Hotel Russell is a huge hotel built in 1898 and is only several blocks from our school.
Waterloo Station is the biggest train station in the United Kingdom and was built in 1922..
This colorful little haven is called Neal’s Yard in 7 Dials. It’s almost as if it was designed to be photographed
The UCL Senate House Library dominates the surrounding area with it’s tall, strong art deco architecture.
This is an old, broken down church, that’s s had its pew-area replaced with a garden and its foyer replaced with a Dentist’s office
People taking pictures of Tower Bridge
There is also a vibrant and interesting street art community.
This colorful bank front stands across the street from both King’s Cross and St. Pancras Stations, it’s no wonder it has this wild paint job. Otherwise it would never be noticed!
Found an awesome old Buick in the side streets near King’s Cross Station
More street art that was obviously commissioned, because the artist signed his name

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